"The directors job, as I see it is to build on story, developing a vision that not only supports the central themes of that story, but elevates them and by extension, the overall story experience."



I am known as an actor’s director. For me, the actor/director relationship is paramount to the successful execution of any project. Performance always come first. I am also known for fostering environments where the writer(s) are allies, building largely upon the our collective intent of a script or story.

To that point, I have never used "shotmaking" to define myself as a director and I never will. I will not allow form to subjugate story. My process is far more personal, far more connected to the actors and writers. If I can make an amazing shot and get a stellar performace to match it then we've knockd it out of the park. However, an amazing shot will always be sacrificed to save a performance, but I have rarely if ever, seen an amazing performance sacrificed to save a great shot. Having said that, I believe that it’s critical for me to enhance the visual story telling to its highest level. To creatively push the limits, but never at the expense of story.

Over years in this business I have built a solid reputation as a collaborator with producers and production alike. I have an extensive director-producer background and with that hyphenate attached to my name on 6 TV series (150 episodes) I have a practical and intimate understanding of production issues.

In addition to the fifty plus episodes I directed while producing, I also have 75 credits as a freelance director on such shows as Murdoch Mysteries (CBC/Shaftsbury), Strange Empire, Cedar Cove (Hallmark), Being Erica (CBC/BBC), The Border and Wild Roses.

I've directed several MOWs including Playing For Keeps (LMN/CTV), starring Jennifer Finnigan (Tyrant) The Lifetime Original Movie Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story (LMN) starring the Oscar Nominated Actress Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Persons Of Interest, Empire); and Time After Time (Hallmark) Starring Richard Thomas (The Americans).